Compiling on Linux is fairly straightforward. All of the library dependencies usually compile without problems on Linux (and other Unix-like operating systems such as Mac OS X). Depending on your distribution, you may be able to install most or all of the dependencies from distribution-provided packages. Please let us know the appropriate list for your distribution if it’s not already on this page.

Debian or Ubuntu

Install the following packages:

  • libc6-dev
  • gcc
  • g++
  • make
  • ghc6
  • libghc6-mtl-dev (not needed or available in Debian 3.1 ‘Sarge’, or Ubuntu ‘Edgy’ or earlier)
  • libgc-dev
  • happy
  • libpcre3-dev
  • libncurses5-dev
  • libgcrypt-dev
  • libgnutls-dev
  • libtool
  • autotools-dev (development version of Kaya only)
  • darcs (development version of Kaya only)

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