Download Kaya source or binaries

Download Kaya 0.2.5, released 30 January 2007

Source code

If you have all the correct libraries and compilers, then building Kaya should be a simple matter of ./configure && make all test install. If this doesn’t work, then read the compiling help page for your particular operating system, and if you’re still stuck, ask on the mailing list. Kaya has been built successfully on a wide range of hardware and operating systems, and if the dependencies are there it should build on yours – please get in touch if it doesn’t!

Pre-built packages

Depending on your hardware and operating system, there may already be a pre-built version of Kaya you can download.

  • Thanks to Stu Teasdale, Debian GNU/Linux has Kaya packages in ‘sid’, ‘lenny’ and ‘etch’ for all architectures. The ‘etch’ 0.2.0-6 package does have the security fixes from Kaya 0.2.4 backported to it.
  • Ubuntu also has the Debian packages available in its Universe section from the Dapper release onwards.

If you’ve built and packaged Kaya for another operating system, please let us know.

Other versions

If you’re interested in contributing to Kaya development, or want a preview of some of the features planned for the next version, the latest development source can be downloaded using DARCS. See the development version page for more information.

If you need them, previous versions of Kaya can also be downloaded, but you should use the latest version if possible.

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