Computers predominantly and many other electronic gadgets that work with software to connect human and hardware will need instructions to work according to our taste and desire. These instructions are coded by us and decoded by machines to work as per such instructions. These coding and instructions that we send to a computer is known as programming language. They help the machine work efficiently and as per our requirements.

So here we will particularly see about one such programming language, Kaya. Kaya is one of the programming languages used in common these days. Let us know more about it.

Kaya Programming Language:

This programming language Kaya is distributed under the GNU GPL, where GPL means general public licence software. The launches under the GNU GPL head are set of widely used software applications as the allow the users to make flexible use of them they can run it for free, use it, learn from it and even alter it if required. Kaya is a statistically typed, complied language programming which is distributed for free.

By statistically typed we mean that the compiler will help you by checking for consistent variable usage and reporting errors before you run your program. It also uses type inference, meaning that the types of variables are worked out by the compiler, so there is no need for you to declare local variables, or use type casts.


In most of the coding languages the user will have to post variables to get the desired results. But Kaya works much better than that. Kaya can understand the needs even before you can actually run it. Kaya will post the variables as and when required and it need not have to be the user’s task to do it. This way you are saving a lot of time and Kaya seems more resourceful.

Kaya is developed and supported by one of the leading names, the Durham University Computing Society. This society is known for introducing some of the best computing languages and doubtlessly Kaya is one among them.

In case if you wish to download it, you can visit DARCS and download it. You can either extract it either in the source form or in binary form. There are a lot of tutorials available that will help you understand the language and use it later. These videos explain the syntax and the functions and also the function and type documentation for the Kaya standard library.

Name reason:

Kaya looks quite a different name at least for a computing language and that is the reason as to why users came up with queries as to why the language was named Kaya, so here we give you the reason. Not only because all the good names were gone, but we also had other reasons to name the software Kaya. Kaya refers to woods that were used to make traditional go boards. They are closely related to trees and these trees are associated to algebraic data types. So it seemed like a look name and it was named.