Aerial photography has exploded since it has been enabled by high resolution cameras attached to drones. Let’s look at which businesses can benefit the most from aerial photography and how they’re able to utilize the technology. We’ll hit on those who are already using the technology in an expanding number of ways.


Aerial photography has become an integral part of construction management. Aerial photography and video streaming allows for real-time inspection of areas high off the ground and potentially dangerous locations with minimal risk to people.

It allows managers to generate real time maps of sites to show customers the real progress made to date. It makes it possible for construction site managers to send pictures and video of problems to a key decision maker, revealing the scope and severity of a problem without relying on someone coming on site. If you need to send those images to a subject matter expert, whether trying to troubleshoot an environmental problem or material one, you have the data they need to come up with a solution most of the time. Now issues are resolved faster and more cheaply.

Real Estate

A real estate agent who posts several photos of the exterior and interior of a home will see more interest and a faster close on a home than someone who only posts a grainy shot of the home’s exterior.

Take a drone for a tour around the inside and outside of the property, and you have an affordable and quick video tour for prospective buyers you can upload to the website. Another use of aerial photography has been the capturing of the views that one gets from a particular property without having the windows or deck rails in the way. For example, Dubai aerial photography studios often help real estate agents show off the entire neighbourhood in addition to the building where the condo or office is located.

Event Photography

Aerial photography is an excellent tool in the toolkit of any professional photographer, and event photography is the ideal application. Have the drone fly a set path around the venue to capture video of the location and its participants. Let the drone fly slowly past the assembled wedding party so that everyone is captured at the same angle and lighting. Aerial photography lets you capture amazing overhead shots revealing the scope of attendance or the variety of activities.


Agriculture has long been a forefront of automation, demonstrated by the early adoption of steam and gas powered tractors and implements. Aerial photography is being used in agriculture to literally keep an eye on fields. Integration with infrared and UV sensors makes it possible to diagnose plant diseases and soil conditions before they are visible to the human eye. Drones can also be used to check on the state of animals in the field; you can use them to help determine if you’re dealing with human or animal predators when animals go missing or just track where your livestock is.


If you’re in any of these industries, you stand to benefit a lot from aerial photography. If you still haven’t used it, you should definitely consider consulting with a professional studio to see what they can do for you.