Future Kaya development

Work on Kaya is currently targeted towards a 0.3.0 release, although further 0.2.x releases may occur to fix bugs or to allow wider testing of new features. The current release goals for 0.3.0 are:

  • Complete API documentation of all functions, exceptions and data types in modules distributed with the Kaya.
  • Inlining of simple functions at compile time, which should significantly improve the speed of Kaya programs.
  • Full pattern matching.
  • Better HTML templating support.
  • Faster HTML/XML parser.
  • More tutorials, including exercises for the reader.
  • Better Cookie handling for webapps and CGI
  • Regression tests for program transformations
  • Removal of functions deprecated before the 0.3.0 release, and removal of the old Exception syntax.
  • No known major bugs.

If you are interested in helping us with this release, whether it’s by contributing code, reporting bugs, testing new features, suggesting improvements, or anything else, please email us or join the mailing list.

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