6 Steps to Increase Laptop Battery Life


To figure out how much battery life you need, answer this question: “How many hours do I need my laptop to work?” If your answer is a lot, then you should take a look at our 6 steps to make your laptop last longer. The first step is understanding watts. A watt measures how much electricity flows and determines how quickly it will run out of power. Some laptops use less energy. They can last about 8 hours before needing a charge. But some types of computers need more energy than other types.

How many watts does a laptop use?

A laptop battery is a small battery that makes the computer work. You can charge it with the electricity in your home, or a place outside your home. Laptops that were made a long time ago used nickel-cadmium batteries, but new ones use Lithium Ion batteries. The average life of this type of battery is 3-4 years and they cost $300. These Li-Ion batteries are much lighter than the old nickel-cadmium ones.

How to keep your laptop running longer?

To keep your laptop battery running longer, turn down the brightness on your screen. Your laptop uses a lot of power, but lowering the settings can make it last longer. The image will be better if you lower the brightness and/or screen size. I like to type emails or take notes in school 40% of the time. But when I am watching movies outside, I like it 60%.

When you are without an outlet, turn on airplane mode. This will save power and can make the battery last longer by 15 minutes.

Never use your laptop while it is charging. This will make the battery run out of power. The same thing happens if you play games when plugged in to an internet connection.—Plug your laptop in to charge it. When you are watching a movie or show, plug it in. Then your computer will not have to use any of its power for charging the battery and will save electricity.

Now that you know a little bit about watts, it’s time for step five. To do this, we need to make sure that there is air flow in the room and that laptops stay cool.The hotter they get, the more power they need. It is difficult for their parts to work properly. Keeping them on an external surface or in a cooler environment can help keep these temperatures down. This will help your battery life from being used too much by about 15%–20%.Lastly, to make your laptop battery last longer, avoid using it near sources of heat like lamps or radiators. The heat can make the battery life go down 20%.

Can i use laptop without battery?

You can’t use your laptop without battery.



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