5 Ways to turn off a ps4 controller on PC


PC gamers have a lot of accessories and peripherals that they need to turn off, or turn on when they want to start gaming. Whether you’re playing with an Xbox controller, keyboard and mouse, or even a joystick, there are many things that can turn on your TV while you’re not using it. This article will discuss 5 ways for PC gamers to turn off their PS4 controllers without having to walk across the room!

Ways to turn off a ps4 controller on PC

Turn off the PS controller by disconnecting the USB cable from your laptop. You can also unplug it from the wall outlet.

When you are done with a game on the console, turn it off. Then turn on the TV if there is something to watch.

Turn off ps controller when not in use before you start gaming again

Check settings for games with controllers – they may allow you to set how long until input is required, making it easier to turn off at any time!

Turn of bluetooth power button: This will work best when using an Xbox One Elite Controller. You need to press the two bumpers and quickly pull them apart while pressing one thumbstick up (towards the camera) and another down.

Turn of bluetooth power button: This method will work best if you have an Xbox One Elite Controller. To open the door, press both bumpers and then twist them. Then type “power” on your computer’s search bar.

If you turn off the PS4 controller with a USB cable, make sure you turn off your computer and/or turn on the TV if it’s time to watch something. If you want to turn off your game, set the power save mode so that it turns off more than five minutes. You can also turn on the bluetooth power button by pressing both halves of the bumper together while lifting one or both thumbsticks.



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