3 Ways to Send Videos on Discord


So you want to send videos on discord? Here is how. In this article, we will talk about 3 ways to send videos on discord. There are many different options when it comes to sending videos with discord and your friends. In this post, we will talk about some of the most popular video chat apps that work well with discord. We will also talk about how to use them and what tricks might make your experience even better. This is without further ado!

How to Share Large Videos in Discord

The discord app does have a built in video chat function, but when you try to share videos of more than 10 GB file size, the videos refuse to play.

After a lot of trial and error, I discovered that videos with heavy image compression can work on discord’s video chat.

To send videos of a large file size on discord, you will need to reduce the image quality of your videos.

If this is not an option for you (for example if all images are important), then using another video chat app might be a better idea!

Discord Video Chat Apps You Can Use: Discord’s Built-In Feature Skype Zoom Google Hangouts How to Send Large Videos with Image Compression Using Dropbox Sending videos via email also works well and even though it takes longer than some other options, it still gets the job done… plus there’s something nice about having physical media that people can hold in their hands 🙂

As mentioned earlier, sending videos by email or through dropbox is another way to share videos across devices.

To send videos on discord, you can upload the video to dropbox and share a link with your friends.

Using google hangouts is another great way for sending videos across platforms because it’s fast and easy to use!

How to Send Videos Quickly in Discord

Like Google, Skype, Zoom and Dropbox all let you share videos. But each of these ways to share videos is different. If you want to reduce image quality before uploading videos via email, then that could be an issue. It might just take some trial and error until you figure out how everything works properly. I hope this blog post was helpful for you and thank you for reading it!

Why send videos in Discord?

Video chat apps are a great way to keep video communication between friends going.

What is the best app for sharing videos across platforms?

There are many of different internet services. They all work well with discord. Some might be a little difficult to use, but they can still work.

How do people share large videos in Discord?

People use different ways to send images. Some people reduce the quality of the image or put it in a video file. You can also email the pictures, but that takes longer to send than other methods.

What videos can be shared over Discord?

Using video is a good way to send videos. You can use google hangouts which is fast and easy to use! Sending videos by email or Dropbox is also a good way to do it.

How do people send large videos in discord?

– People usually upload videos on Dropbox and then share a link in Discord. There are other ways to do it like sending a video through email or using Google Hangouts. But all of these have their own quirks depending on what kind of platform you’re using. In conclusion, there are many ways to share videos with Discord but they all come with their own quirks depending on what kind of platform you’re using. In this blog post, I was talking about sending videos on the internet. You have to make sure that you reduce the quality of the video before emailing it because it could get messed up. There might be a trial and error period before you figure out how everything works properly, but once you do, thank me- I’m glad you read this blog post!



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