With summer fast on its way, so is lawnmowing season. If your current lawnmower is looking a bit beaten up and tired, it may be time to upgrade to something more modern. The most important thing to keep in mind when picking a lawnmower is the size of your lawn – smaller gardens can easily be mowed with smaller hand-push or electric mowers, whereas larger lawns may need a motorized or drivable lawnmower.

With all the different lawnmowers and manufacturers on the market, settling on one is not an easy job. Although a lawnmower may seem like a rather arbitrary choice, choosing the right one is the best way you can take the headache out of mowing your lawn and make the whole process a breeze. For a little inspiration, we recommend checking out these reviews by Verellenhc!

#1: Lawnmower Options

There are three different types of lawnmower to choose from –

  • Cylinder lawnmowers have a rotating blade at the front of the machine which cuts grass using a scissor motion. These lawnmowers work best on lawns which are cut often and don’t tend to work very well on lawns which are damp or where there are uneven surfaces.
  • Hover lawnmowers are the most popular type of lawnmower for households and they are great for uneven surfaces and medium sized gardens. Typically, hover lawnmowers are cheaper than cylinder or rotary machines and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and with different features such as grass clipping collectors.
  • Rotary lawnmowers are usually mounted on wheels with a real roller – or are drivable – and work with a large blade which rotates beneath the mower. These types of lawnmower leave the stripe effect seen on tennis courts and football pitches, but they only tend to work on flat lawns.

#2: Things to Consider

The primary consideration is how the machine is powered: hand-push; corded electric; and cordless electric are all widely available. A hand-push mower will require you to do a lot of work but can be ideal in smaller gardens, whereas a corded electric mower takes a way a lot of the work on your part but isn’t ideal on larger gardens due to the restrictions in cord length.

A cordless electric mower on the other hand is fantastic for larger gardens as there are no concerns around how far the cord will reach, because there isn’t one!

#3: Gas-Based Lawnmowers

Gas-based lawnmowers were a lot more popular a decade or two ago, however, with the advent of electric lawnmowers, they have become something of a rarity. There are still gas-based lawnmowers available, but we always recommend going with an electric one: they are more reliable, easier to use and there are no risks associated with using flammable gas to power them.

Picking a lawnmower requires some thought, but it isn’t rocket science! When looking for a lawnmower to buy, take into account the size of your garden above everything else and whether or not you are happy to put in the legwork, or would rather use an electric lawnmower to make things easier.